OneX, AT&T, and JellyBean

Its been months since HTC released Jelly Bean for the international OneX, and about a month since the OneXL got it. We still have no word for the OneX receiving the update for the AT&T version.

I know AT&T insists it has to test its apps with Jelly Bean. But seriously, how long does this take? I know of no AT&T app that is so complicated that making it JB ready should take so long. And since they released JB for the S III, its not like the changes they need to make are going to be unprecedented.

I know its old news, and I know railing on the carriers has almost become a habit, but I don't see why AT&T isn't smart enough to go for the best of both worlds. Sure, there are any number of customers who couldn't care less for the update, and may even use the AT&T apps. Delay the update as long as you want, for them. But why not offer an update to those who want it at the cost of temporarily non-functioning AT&T apps?

Those who take it will be those who don't use those apps anyway, so its not going to significantly impact any revenue AT&T gets from those apps. It keeps anyone who wants up to date software happy at no cost to AT&T. Their failure in this regard is just baffling.