With Facebook Putting off Mobile, Will (or Can) an Underdog Emerge?

Facebook, to many, has been an asset that has become an growth (some might call it a mutation). Whether you like Facebook or not, it is pertinent to those on the social internet to have increased mobile-centric designs as well as features. While Facebook does often try its hand at replacing carrier services such as SMS, MMS, and Voice services, ultimately it is yet another tangent to go off on. Facebook has truly become the jack of all trades, yet king of none. From my own social circles, interest in Facebook has become stale. This only to be confirmed by recent studies.

The jack of all trades, yet king of none.

While there are viable options in the mobile social networking world, none have apps on either of the two majour platforms (Android and iOS) that are, by definition, drop dead gorgeous. Sure there's Scope for Android, Carbon, etc., etc., but no apps from the social networks themselves that are in that drop dead gorgeous category. Perhaps it's my immutable minimalism that creates intransigent blinders to products available for social networking. Yet, at the same time, there is an unwavering thought in my mind- the constant need for a no limits, design centric social network app that, futhermore, provides a unique experience for both tablet and phone users alike.

There are two questions that I would like answered. The first being, will another social network ever have the same leverage that Facebook has had thus far? Finally, the second, can any social network have an app that is amazing on all platforms, screen sizes, and devices? Only time will tell. But, for now I will keep faith in my Scope for Android.