The Surface Pro and other Windows 8 'tablets' are being reviewed all wrong

Just to be clear here, I'm not talking at all about any Windows RT tablets out there, this is about slates running full Windows 8.

Everybody is under the illusion that the Surface Pro is a tablet, which lets be fair, is an easy mistake to make. But, I don't see it that way. The way I see the Surface Pro and all other Windows 8 'tablets' isn't really easily described. In my eyes, they are a completely new type of computing.

Windows 8 was designed with touch being its main focus. Sure, it works pretty well with mouse and keyboard, but touch is the way forward with the OS. This enables products like the Surface Pro to exist. People are so busy comparing the Surface Pro to other tablets such as the iPad and ARM based devices that they don't see what it really is. Surface Pro is the new era of PCs. I would say that the majority of customers buying PCs use them primarily for consuming. This is where devices like the iPad have become the more popular tool. But what these Windows 8 devices is trying to do is be the new type of PC. So you can use it for your consuming AND for your real work. These are even separated, desktop and Modern UI. Modern UI apps are more consumer orientated for a reason, that's what that interface is intended for.

Lets take an example. I come home and turn on my PC. Most of the time I just want to check The Verge and watch some youtube videos or listen to some music. I do NOT need my keyboard and mouse to do this, all I need is a device I can pick up and touch instantly to get to my content. So I get further into the night and realise I have to type up an essay for tomorrow, no problem, out I get my keyboard and my mouse and go to the desktop to open Office. I've switched from consuming mode to productivity mode. When I'm watching a video or looking at some photos or listening to music, I don't need to see my desktop or get to my file explorer, I want to be immersed in that one thing, or in Windows 8's case, snap another app to consume 2 things at once. The same as when I'm doing some important work, I don't want to be bugged by music or video, so I go to the desktop to get away from the distraction.

This is ultimately how I think these new types of devices should be judged. Not as a tablet, not as a traditional PC. But as a new kind of computer, the kind that is the emerging future of computing.