Creating a beautiful Notes app

So, I'm a student and was trying to put together an android app. I'm no expert by any means but I wanted to create a simple and beautiful notepad application. I need some help from you guys about the UI. I'm not going for a very Holo UI, because there are many apps out there that do the same. Here are a few screens :



I've implemented some slide animations. This is just a basic look that I came up with. I want your thoughts on it and how I could make this better.

I'm looking into implementing some sort of gesture support if I can and I'm planning to get rid of the action Bar too. Instead, if you scroll up, you can directly add a Title to your note, and pressing enter will take you to a new screen to enter the body. Progress will be slow because of college work, etc.

I will be adding a black theme once I can wrap my head around how to create a settings screen >:-/

Obviously the icon is just ripped off the Android edit icon because I suck at graphics:(


Just a question:

When using a notes app, do you prefer it if clicking on the note allows you to directly edit it, or do you want to view the note first and click on an edit button to edit it later?

Dark Theme:



UPDATE 2 (07/03/2013) -

Messing around with the animations a bit. Trying to get something similar to The Carbon app if I can aka stack animations like in the launcher for Android.

Apart from that I got a couple of minor but irritating bugs fixed.

I still think the Note Editing screen could look better.

UPDATE 3 (10/03/2013) -

New pics uploaded!

UI improvements plus some nifty animations

Removed the colourful buttons.

I'll see if I can get swipe to delete working on this.