Surface RT & stylus: How much of it is the Surface, Windows RT or the apps?

So having belatedly acquired a couple of different dead fingers I've been prodding the Surface RT on a number of occasions.

And I've found that it's largely a forlorn cause. It actually ranges between slightly to a lot worse than the iPad (I've tried both 2 and 3) in most situations, in that e.g. in Onenote 2013 what I get when I scribble at native speed is a lot of disjointed lines which is reminiscent of running my handwriting through a Picasso wringer. Although I'm astounded that the handwriting-> text recognition actually does work for the most part despite the text looking like that, the fact that it's is largely illegible to me - unless I write like a five-year-old - makes it next to useless. As the crippled OneNote MX doesn't have any inking capability I'm assuming they know this to be an issue on RT.

The most direct comparison I can draw between the iPad and the Surface is between Autodesk Sketchbook, and the former comes away looking a lot better in this case.

So I'm wondering how much of this is the Surface and how much of it is Windows RT, or indeed the immaturity of the apps. I mean even taking the iPad as an example, there's quite major variation in terms of pen response in pen-orientated apps. The same is true for Surface, but overall the response is worse. Yes I know, both iPad and Surface RT are ultimately crap for any inking duties due to their lack of palm rejection, let alone the lack of pressure sensitivity and accurate stylus. But it's a nice to have for occasional use, especially when in genuine productivity apps like (non-MX) Onenote.

Consequently I'll likely be retiring my dead fingers but it's a matter of curiosity. Is the Surface *that* underpowered, is it the app situation, or is the OS fundamentally limited in this respect?