The Next Xbox: A Shot in the Foot?

While Sony seems to be making all the right moves with the PS4, Microsoft seems to be getting its priorities wrong. There is a rumour that the next Xbox would:

1) Disallow use of 2nd hand games

2) Would require a constant internet connection to do so

People who have followed the games industry and seen Ubisoft and others resort to such "always-online" practices no how it failed. Disallowing 2nd hand games, if implemented only by Microsoft, would push a lot of users to Sony. Not everyone can afford to buy new games every time. And online connectivity would be completely screwed in the erratic connections of Asian markets. The fact that this rumour has been active and Microsoft has not done a "controlled leak" to deny it worries me that it might be true after all.

Couple this with the fact that:

1)PS4 would launch along with the Xbox this time denying a one year advantage like last time

2) Microsoft has a very very poor history of exclusives support unlike Sony

it makes me feel that Microsoft is shooting itself in the foot with the next Xbox..