One reason Apple's AirPlay feature is far better than Microsoft's 'Play on Xbox'

When Windows 8 was released, a feature included in it's native music and video apps was 'Play on Xbox'. This is effectively doing the same kind of thing as AirPlay which allows Apple devices and software to play through the Apple TV. However, there's something which a big reason in my eyes, that makes AirPlay far better than the equivalent from Microsoft.

When you purchase an Apple TV, after it's been set up and connected to your Wi-Fi network, any Apple device or PC running iTunes can begin using AirPlay. It's an easy to use feature, which doesn't even require having an Apple ID. Microsoft tried to replicate this within Windows 8 with the 'Play on Xbox' feature. Sure, this feature works pretty much the same way, you just click a button and stream it to the Xbox right ? Wrong.

To be able to use Microsoft's feature you not only have to be logged into the Xbox Music and Video apps, but also have to have a paid subscription to Xbox Live Gold. I find this absolutely ridiculous. If I've just paid an amount of money for the product, why should I have to then pay to use a feature that is seemingly included ? This is yet another case of where Apple got the idea right.