HP Envy X2: Price cut could make it competitive

I've been checking reviews of the Envy X2 and design and performance-wise, it's all positive. As it stands this is a hybrid which works well as a laptop with an 11.6 inch screen, but also well as a tablet as it weighs 1.5 pounds, the weight of an iPad 3. Best of all, it's can run Win 8 Pro on its Atom chip for 7-8 hours in tablet mode and 13 hours in dock mode.

The problem is of course that HP sells the tablet and dock as a package for $850. There aren't any ports on the tablet portion of the product so it can't be sold separately. At $599 I think it'd be amaziing value, and could be a sleeper hit for WIndows 8. The Surface Pro's weight will cause a lot of people to lose interest, but this weighs as much as an iPad with double the battery life of the Surface Pro. In dock mode, it becomes a 13" MacBook Air weight (3.1 pounds) laptop. hinge closes all the way once docked so it looks like a normal laptop.


via www.www8-hp.com

HP has sales sometimes but they use that stupid online coupon method that limits sales to people who are constantly on FatWallet or Slickdeals or one of those sites. Also those sales are generally for clearing old inventory.