Chrome OS + Android = Continuous Client?

I recently watched the new leaked video of the supposed Chrome OS laptop designed by Google. It makes me really excited because maybe now the laptop will receive the innovation the phone and tablet have been getting for the past two years. The laptop and desktop are stuck in the past with Windows 8 and Mac OS X. This made me think, I have installed Chrome OS onto one of my laptop and desktop PC to just try it out; I really liked it, but not having native apps to be able to install is kind of a bummer. There is no way Chrome OS is going to be able to compete with Windows 8 or OS X if I cannot install games like Starcraft 2 or install Photoshop. Which brings me to the idea after watching the video of maybe a possible solution to Chrome OS and its ability to take over the current Windows PC market and OS X laptop monopoly.

  • Currently, Chrome OS runs off the RAM of any computer, making it extremely fast for OS processes. (Google needs to keep this.)
  • There is little to no use of the hard-drive because everything you do is online. (Also a strong point if Google gives its new laptop a LTE connection.

  • Chrome OS should be rewritten with Android code to support Android Apps (Touch Screen) for installing on the hard-drive. If this was done, then a real race will begin for the building of good APPs for the desktop. The holy grail of the Continuous Client could also be achieved with this combination of Android and Chrome OS.