Ideas for Gmail Improvements

(This addresses Gmail in general, and I didn't know where else to put this, but under Android)

Gmail has been out obviously for awhile now, and it's revolutionized how people do email. I recall using Yahoo and having to use Outlook Express, b/c we were only allowed 2MB on Yahoo, so I had to download everything on to my PC.

Gmail came in, and just redid email entirely. From what I recall, they allowed a whopping 1GB! I no longer had to download my emails. They also introduced threaded emails, which made so much sense. In addition, it was super easy to navigate your email in a browser, they actually had hotkeys, and being Google of course, I could search my email powerfully with ease.

However, I think Gmail has not been very innovative in the last several years. It's tried some funky things like 'beer googles' as a lab thing. But nothing truly to address some real life usage improvements.

Maybe they've fallen into the "It's good enough, don't fix a broken thing" mentality.

Here are the use cases that I' referring to, which I don't think Gmail accommodates well.

1. Creating an email group easily - I emailed say 10 people, and I realized that now I want to just create a group out of this list of emails. Try that in Gmail. I should be able to just from the header, click on something like "Create a group from this list" and then name it and that's it. But I can't do this easily.

2. Send email later - sometimes you get a question or invitation or something, and you can't reply right away. But you have to figure something out and get back to this email. I should have a 'send later' button. When I click that, I should be able to have a popup that links to Google Calendar. 'When do you want to revisit this email?'. Give the time and date, and boom, you get a reminder on that time and date. I've seen too many emails fall through the cracks for me.

3. In Android, allow emailing to a group - Why is it that I can email a group in the browser, but not in Android's Gmail app? Yes, I know I can do it via the People app, but c'mon.

4. Convert an email into a task - Right now, Google Tasks looks like some high school guy coded it in his spare time (maybe true). It should have its own page, but it barely gets any attention as a little widget on the side of Google Calendar or Gmail. Please expand it out. You don't have to make it complicated. But allow me to convert an email into a task. In the task, I should be able to click on a link that takes me back to the email in Gmail. Yes, I know Outlook does this.

5. Copy an email address easily from a new sender - There are oftentimes I just want to copy an email address from someone new that sent me an email. I should be able to just right click on the contact or something and copy email address. I can't - lame. Try it yourself.

That's it for now. I'd be interested in your thoughts, or your own ideas for improvements.

I've actually submitted these in the 'Gmail Improvement Suggestions' page, but I thought it would be good to get some visibility through writing this up on the Verge.