Nexus 4 Owners, Please Help! (Update 2)

Update 2:


So I received the phone within 4 or maybe 5 days of ordering and ive had it for a few days now and so here are my impressions of the phone:

Basically I like it and i think this is the only Android phone that i can live with. I simply cannot bring my self to use an Android phone with a skin on it. which is the reason why i hated my One X+ and didnt opt for the SIII nor any other phone.

This phone however, is flawed in many ways. I am going to outline those annoyances but only for the sake of people who may want to buy the phone, sufficed to say, i am reasonably happy with this phone and really see myself keeping it for a good year or even more.

Main problems with the phone is it's physical design and proportions. it's wider phone than, say a Galaxy Nexus. A phone that was very large but somehow easy to use with one hand. N4 is fairly wide and has a flat back and is made out of none grippy materials so it's awkward to use one handed and very slippy. one thing i'll say about the physical design that i like, the rounded edges on the left and right side of the phone, on the front that is. it makes swipes and gestures very pleasant and easy to use.


Then we've got the screen. For the most part it's superb. very bright and everything looks crisp. i really dont see the point in 1080p phones at all. but it's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.

First issue that you may notice, specially if you are coming from an AMOLED Screen phone like the Galaxy S2 or 3 or if you are used to HTC's Super LCD2, which i was, you are going to be annoyed with the colour saturation. it doesnt bother me all that much, but i notice it almost everywhere. again, not a deal breaker by any means but something to think about. the bigger issue with the screen is the viewing angles. it seems fine in daylight and every day use, but for watching movies you have to be looking directly at screen. the issue is not as bad as it is in Sony Xperia S, but it's definitely not as good as and iphone or HTC's super LCD 2 screens.

and last but not least, it's the camera. it is terrible. HDR mode is sort of unusable and let's just leave it as that. i would comment on the battery life but it wouldnt be fair. as i have been playing around with it none stop since i've had it so i still dont know how long it would last under my typical use


That said, i dont care about any of it's flaws. i simply love it and enjoy using it. it's fast and fluid and doesnt have some crappy skin on it and runs perfect.

Thanks to everyone who helped me to make the right decision!

if you are on the fence about getting this phone and have any questions, just ask.



thanks for your help guys. i figured that i wont be able to find any other device that runs stock android and has such high specs at these prices so i sold my HOX+ at a £100 loss and bought the Nexus 4.

I will try to post my impressions when i get the phones (in 1-2 weeks).

thanks again for your help.



Right, let's try again.

for my 4th phone in 9 months, i have been considering a Nexus 4. i will explain very quickly what happened and why im here.

You can ignore the paragraph below, it's not really that important:

I bought a Sony Xperia S last june. it was terrible. if you ignore the terrible battery and the fact that it was stupidly tall and viewing angles were worst than anything i have ever used, it would crash constantly so i Sold it and bought a Galaxy Nexus. it was ok, i fell in love with Android then but it was slow and the camera was absolutely terrible.

in november, I decided to buy a Lumia 920 for a change and since i heard N4 is going to be very cheap, i rushed and sold my galaxy nexus for a good price i should say. i could not get the Lumia 920 as i live in the uk and it was locked to Orange/EE/T-Mobile and im on 3 and the asking price on other websites was too much so i thought sod it, im going back to android.

Read on from here

I wanted to buy a N4 but it was never available and they said it's not known when it will be available. So i started to look for other phones. that's when i made the biggest mistake in my life. I bought a HTC OneX+.

it is the worst phone i have ever owned. HTC Sense is unusable, i rooted the phone and installed CM10.1 and AOKP but they have way too many niggles and that's not to mention performance and battery life issues. So basically i've had it with phones that dont run pure android. im selling my 1x+ now and want to buy the N4.

i have to wait a couple of weeks for it, but that's fine. my concern is:

  • Camera
  • Battery Life
  • and most importantly, the touch responsiveness issue that i have been hearing about so much

if you own one or have used one extensively, please let me know about your experience, if you dont own one, i would like to hear your opinion but please mention that you dont own one. im wanting to buy one today or tomorrow.
please let me know about your experience with the phone, good and bad points