3D Print your own The Verge logo!

We have all been there. We want to demonstrate our love for The Verge, and yet can't find the proper way.

They have teased us with stickers and all sorts of Verge swag, but never made them available to the public.

Well, I say that is enough! After seeing Jesse Hicks favorites and yet another Verge item I wanted, I asked in the comments for a printable file.

But being an impatient and caffeinated guy at work, I decided to ask myself, "How hard can it be to make that?".


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I guess not that hard after all! After getting home, I was able to make this on Sketchup, based on both Jesse and Nathan's pictures, and of course, The Verge's logo, and printed it with my Replicator 2 and green PLA.

Here you have the results:


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And here is the Thingiverse link!

Since The Verge's logo is an impossible figure, I just used 3 different levels to give the 3D effect, which is what I assumed you guys made with that green logo.

Keep in mind that I am an Excel guy with no design experience, so some of the proportions might be off, and if anyone with more experience wants to improve on this, be my guest!

I really hope you like it, and If you jumped right to the end, here is the link to the 3D file again!

Good luck printing yours!

EDIT: Well, I guess I was surpassed!

Dingus went full color with The Verge logo, and while I wont be able to live without shame until I also print it this way, I have to share his version because it is pretty awesome:


via thingiverse-production.s3.amazonaws.com


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