Surface pro opinions from someone who ACTUALLY used one for an extended period of time, AMA!

So I'm a tech for a major electronics retailer, I setup and customized our Surface Pro today. I spent around 5 hours with it getting opinions and feeling it out. Ask me anything about my opinions or experience with it!

Visual opinions:

  • At first glance the design and the way they added the thickness makes it look MUCH thicker than it is, it's a funny design that looks chunky unlike the W700 and Series 7.
  • the pen was good and bad to me in design, the clip was made of the same vaporMg as the case which was cool...but the pen itself was made of cheap glossy plastic, it felt like a mechanical pencil in your hand, right down to the spring-loaded eraser.
  • The kickstand is NOWHERE near as good as the RT. It's is thicker but the hinge is far weaker and less sturdy. Where the RT was solid the Pro felt springy and bendable. I don't know it it's just our model but it was overall not the same as the RT.

Performance opinions:

  • It's every bit as fast as advertised, the atom based units are slow and clunky, this was a rocketship with a similar experience to that of using my Core i5 desktop with it's SSD application loading and performance was phenomenal.

  • Touch response is great! items drug around the screen seemed pinned to for finger, little to no lag unlike Android. The feel in use was different from the RT. Better.
  • The pen worked great and the writing was much better than the Note II and 10.1's S-pen, but seemed lacking in some respects. The hard eraser end of the pen was uncomfortable to use on a $900 tablet, you had to press to hard and it just felt like you REALLY should not be using a hard bit of plastic on the screen. imagine taking the eraser off of a mechanical pencil and using the hard eraser holder of that pencil on the tablet.
  • The pen's magnetic attachment worked on the charging port AND the bottom of the tablet in the accessory port area, it was a nice touch.
  • The screen is as good as they say.
  • The charger, like the RT's was far too hard to attach to the tablet and too tight for it's own good. Also it's pretty weak. Magsafe this is not.
  • Big issue with the pen, when you lift the pen off the screen too far but are still resting your hand, it will go and take that hand press as an input, aka, shoot you all over the place or scroll or click on things.

These are some basics, ask away!