Question for you programmers and/or wannabe coders out there (a better way to learn/teach code...)

An engineer friend and me (ui/ux designer and front end developer) are thinking about doing a project that might make it easier to help people learn how to code.

The idea is to create an online IDE (a code editor) with all the expected functionality, but integrating real-time sharing and editing capabilities. So if you're learning how to code, if you run into any problems or questions, instead of having to post to something like Stack Overflow (which we both love btw), you can call on the assistance of an experienced coder.

if you're that experienced coder, you'd be alerted through your browser, and can choose to assist them. The biggest difference is, is that the student would be paying for your services, so your time and effort would be paid for.

Think of it as Stack Overflow, but in real-time, and instead of just rep, you get money. So A. as an experienced programmer, would you use this site to make some extra money during your down time (basically just need to keep a browser open when you're already sitting in front of your computer)... B. how much would you need to make (lets say per hour) to make it worth it, and C. what else would you look for to make it worth your while?

We're just gauging interest to see if its worth the time and effort for us to build this. We know we'd use it, but wonder if others feel the same. Thanks!