Microsoft just destroyed the antivirus software industry

Today I came across an article from Neowin about another antivirus test which Microsoft's Security Essentials failed, from a new, unknown lab after a continuous stream of similar claims from other tests. Meanwhile, MSE is the most used antivirus software in North America and second in the world as of March 2012, after less than 3 years of being released (Source). I think this clearly shows that the big players of this scam industry are quite worried about people switching from their paid, bloated antivirus software to MSE, and that could explain these questionable tests, which are known to be unreliable and are sponsored by companies like Symantec. Funny how they claim that MSE has the worst offering out there, while I've been installing it on my family and friend's computers, and ever since they never got any malware (By the way, I don't use an antivirus software).