A Chromebook-like laptop running Windows RT

So Chromebooks are becoming slowly more popular and I believe that eventually they will put a dent, albeit a small dent in Windows marketshare, so I thought of something.

A Chromebook is basically just running a browser, which for a lot of people is all they need. There are some dirt cheap Chromebooks about now and they're perfect for certain people. Now we have Windows 8 and Windows RT. Windows RT is a limited version of Windows, but has a fully functioning version of IE, Office pre-installed (and available offline) and access to native Windows apps. This OS is far better than Chrome OS and it proven to be able to work on ARM processors, as this is what it was designed for, so why not build a Chromebook like laptop running the OS.

The laptop could have a similar build quality to Chromebooks, meaning that costs could be kept down, it would have great battery life due to the fact it's running on ARM. I really wish this kind of device would come about.

What do you guys think ?