SD Home Theater Setup (Lots of Images in Post)

A friend of mine recently got a new TV. This meant that he had a big old 32" CRT TV taking up space in his house. I grabbed it and setup a glorious SD Home Theater with all of my old stuff!


Coffee table. Check.


Cleaned up, modded out, 40 year old AR speakers. Check.


Big ass CRT tv.


Pioneer Dolby Pro Logic II. Center channel or GTFO!


LaserDisc player.

The startup sequence on the First Contact disk.

LaserDisc is still one of my favorite formats.

On to the games!


NES up and running.


Hooked up the SNES.


Conker's Bad Fur Day on N64 rounds out my SD Nintendo consoles.

Next we pull out the many many SEGA consoles!


It's a little known fact that the SEGA Genesis is backwards compatible with the Master System. Here I've loaded up Fantasy Zone using the official Power Base Converter that does the pinout changes. The star of the Fantasy Zone games, Opa-Opa, was the first SEGA video game mascot. (He's a spaceship with wings and feet!)


The Genesis was best known for Sonic the Hedgehog.


Hooking up the SEGA CD lets me boot up Sonic CD. The best Sonic game ever made!


At this point SEGA lost their minds and released the 32X. This was sorta like a Saturn lite that connected to your Genesis but came out before the Saturn. This is Star Wars Arcade. A game that is notable for the WORST Admiral Akbar voice actor in the history of time.


SEGA US made the 32X without the support of SEGA Japan. The few games that were released for it feel super rushed.


Combining a Genesis, SEGA CD, and 32X means that you can play 32X CD games. All that was ever released were the terrible interactive movie games. Night Trap, staring Dana Plato, is the game made famous by Sen. Joe Lieberman during his video game witch hunt.

This config needs three wall warts so SEGA released a special power strip with wide spacing on it. I don't have one but I wish I did.


My favorite SD console. The SEGA Saturn.


Virtual Fighter 2 is still a great fighting game. The Saturn also had the best 2D ports of arcade games around like Street Fighter Alpha.




C128 with 1541-II floppy drive.


ZORK! My RF adaptor seems to have a lot of noise in it.


Dr. J vs Larry Bird: One on One I don't have a standard composite cable for the C128 anymore, so I'm going to connect it to my Commodore display later.


One I round up 6 C-cell batteries I can hook up the Ricochet console and rock out to some Pong!


I don't think this even qualifies as SD.


My precious has arrived!