It Just Doesn't Add Up: Why the Chromebook Pixel Probably isn't Real, and Why It Should Be

On Wednesday, a video went viral of a supposedly leaked Google ad showing the "Chromebook Pixel". There's one problem with it though. It isn't real. There is way to many things wrong with the video for it to be real. JR Raphael, over at ComputerWorld, shares some of that suspicion with me. Although I hate to say it, there is no such thing as the Chromebook Pixel. Here is why.

First of all, the computer in said video looks incredibly similar to a MacBook Pro. It is most likely a MBP photoshopped by (more on them later).

Second: The video doesn't exist anymore. As of writing, it is only Friday and it has been deleted from's YouTube channel.

Third: The video was leaked by Slinky.Me. A company which supposedly works with Google on ads. Judging on there english, that probably is not true.

Fourth: When it was leaked, Slinky.Me CEO Victor Koch posted on Twitter and Google+ the following message:

As you can see, there english is not that great.

Fifth: A couple of hours later, he tweeted a link about the Chromebook Pixel in an article by AndroidAuthority. Why would the CEO of a company post a link promoting his own mistake.

Sixth: If you head over to, you will see a hard to understand message about the "hack".

Seventh: After trying to find out what the company actually does, you find out they are trying to build "The Build World's Largest Visual Guide". What the hell does that mean.

Eighth: They have previously made other fake chrome commercials, with even worse english, which have now been taken down.

Ninth: Raphael points out a thread on Google+ where Koch leaves some comments on the hack

We delete this video !
Our servers was attacked by Hackers ! It was a secret projects.
They hacked our server where we keep many of the materials and they took information about our projects and also slinkys development/Stuff
Please no comments ! We working on defence from hackers and figure out how it was ! Please re-share information.........

Yeah, the Chromebook Pixel is not real, but it should be. I was actually only skeptical of the video a little bit when I first saw it, and for a couple hours, I really thought it was real.

It should be real.

I do not think a video had gotten me this excited about a computer in a very long time. I was completely prepared to fork over $500 for that chromebook. Think about that. I was excited for a computer with an OS that is a web browser. Nothing else. It would have been awesome still. Imagine a web browser, with a retina quality display, and a touch screen. This should be real.

It isn't though.