Charging the Surface Pro

Hey everyone, I have a quick question for anyone who's able to answer it. I plan to pick up a Surface Pro as soon as I possibly can tomorrow, and I was wondering about charging it.

You see, I'm currently living in a college dorm and the only outlet is against the wall under my bed. I'd really hate to have to climb under my bed to unplug my charger every day before classes start, so I was planning to buy a second charger... until I saw that the Pro uses a traditional laptop-style cable-brick-cable type of charger. So here's my question: Since they both have the same connector, will the Surface RT's charger work with the Pro?

I know that if it does work, it would charge the battery slower than the bigger brick, but I'm not too worried about that. All I'm looking for is a small and light charger to carry with me while I'm on campus. This way, I could top off my tablet while I'm on break between classes with the smaller adapter and charge it completely once I'm done for the day using the bigger one which I'd leave in my room.

Hopefully someone can help me out before tomorrow so I know which charger to pick up. I appreciate any help!