Twitter client with keyword notifications?

Good Folk of Verge Forums;

I'm a low-key twitter user. I only peruse it when I'm shockingly bored -- I mainly use it because so many outlets use it for announcements. Announcements which I nearly always miss, because I never use it. When I DO use twitter, I never see said announcements... mostly just people retweeting other people or having side conversations, and people accidentally tweeting me when they meant to hit someone else whose ID starts with my ID.

What I really need is a twitter client that will automatically parse my followees' tweets for keywords (Steam sales, live-streams, etc.) and give me a notification when I get a hit. My searches have failed me... anyone know of any such software? Or workaround?

(Right now, my stream is full of things like an alert that YouTube is horked, a retweet that someone bought my favorite game, a podcaster threatening to psychologically terrorize his washer and dryer, another podcaster singing the praises of the institution of breakfast, and of course, Kimber Streams pimping Verge articles and taunting the upcoming snow storm,)