Want to Build a iPad Command Center...Help

So I recently purchases a Bose SoundDock 3 for my new iPhone 5, and really love it. Problem is, I really want it next to my bed so I can dock and undock throughout the night and use it as my alarm clock for the morning. I'm a heavy sleeper so this is the only thing that can really wake me. So I was gonna buy a side table, but as you can see from the picture below, a side table for my bed would stick out so much. So I had an idea of putting a small end table (very small and cube spaced) on the brick wall so I can reach around and dock and undock. So then I had another idea. A friend of mine mounted his iPad to his wall when he wasn't using it (I never use mine really) and had power going to it and used it to run his Entertainment System using Airplay and also to control his lights and all that cool stuff. So I had an idea to buy one of these Wall mounts and put it up. But the wall is legit brick.


So idea's Verge crew? This community is crazy smart so I know someone can come out with something.