Mailbox: not quite the app you're looking for

Why mailbox isn't the app you're looking for
I've seen a lot of people tweeting about mailbox and their new app. I've managed to get in, and I'll share some thoughts about why this is a nice app, it's not the end all be all.
  • Beautiful interface
  • Well designed refresh mechanism
  • (So far) Excellent push notifications
  • Fast, fluid and smart

  • Deferring an email is kinda pointless*
  • Philosophy doesn't make sense on how to handle lots of email
  • Gmail only
  • iPhone only
  • Labels don't show up in the app, cannot assign a label to an email
  • Folders created by mailbox don't work well in other clients (Sparrow on desktop)

The main problem I see with mailbox is that it works well only in one scenario:
You get lots of email You enjoy handling email immediately - you have push notifications on for email and deal with every problem as soon as possible

For most people I know, this isn't an optimal email workflow. Interrupting every few minutes to nail another email out isn't really that smart. I'd much rather deal with email in 30 or 40 minutes chunks of time, actually solving the problems where I can do something about it (in front of a computer attached to large monitor) and then figure what has to be done. I realize that this is not a universal feeling, some people (including those at my place of work) try to make email into instant messaging. For those people, this app probably does work well.

But, to break it down I'll highlight the major snafu for me in this app: deferring an email. The act of deferring an email is rather like FEELING like you're accomplishing something without actually doing it. Sure, you get the nice "inbox zero" feeling, but not really the inbox zero accomplishment, which is processing your email down into a category that meets a requirement and then waits for an action.

Of course I could use this app for two weeks and totally change my mind, but I just wanted to give people another thought other than "Mailbox has just outgunned Apple and Google" which in my mind isn't an accurate representation of this app. Nice start, looking forward to the innovation and improvements.

Hope that line gets shorter for everyone else, or they might have botched this launch into irrelevancy!