Going to university in Sep, want a Windows 8 laptop/tablet for taking notes, writing software

This September I'm going to university to study computer science (if I get the grades ofc....)

I browse the web a lot, chat with friends a lot, play games a lot, and come September I'll be taking tonnes of notes and writing a lot of software whatever happens.

I currently have a Windows 8 gaming 'rig'. Probably the best way to describe it, it's big, bulky, not mobile, and of course sits in front of a boring wall. I want a mobile PC for web browsing, chatting with friends, taking notes, and doing whatever work I have to do wherever I want to do it, rather than sitting behind a computer desk all the time.

The reason why I'm thinking about the Surface Pro is:

  • Top of class performance
  • Very light and portable considering the performance - is that a fair comment?
  • I love the pen input for note taking and for using the desktop
  • I love that you can use it as a (heavy) tablet or a portable PC, switching between the 2 easily
  • I think it works on your lap for tablet utilities, just like an iPad but heavier

So is there an alternative that offers what I want? I haven't seen any other satisfactory tablet/laptop options for the same price and performance (and with a pen input).

The Lenovo Ideapad Yoga doesn't have pen input as far as I know, the Dell swizzley-thingey doesn't either and both don't work great as tablets imo!

My questions are: is the Surface Pro the thing for me? Is it as bad as they say for using as a tablet? What alternatives offer pen input?

Edit: Max price: £1000