What tablet apps are you missing?

I've recently read a lot of comments citing Android's (specifically the Nexus 10) lack of optimized tablet apps. Having an Android tablet, I fail to relate to this. I have all the tablet apps I could want, and more. Which apps do you need that are available on the iPad? Have you found alternatives?

Let's get these out of the way:

Facebook - Friendcaster Pro does a workable job, but third party apps can't implement the same features as an official app

Twitter - Falcon Pro and Plume seem to please the majority of people; I'm not a heavy twitter user

Dropbox - DropSync does a lot better job at this than the crippled official mobile app

Spotify and other music streaming - Proprietary, cannot offer an API for streaming, and hard to implement due to agreements with the industry - an alternative is impossible so I guess users will have to wait for an official one.

Finally, I'd like to share an incredibly nice file browser I found browsing the Play Store:

Clean File Manager

The developer added a feature I requested in a few days. I definitely would recommend this app.