Local Best Buy experience shows Microsoft's uphill battle.

So I went to my local Best Buy today to play with the Microsoft Surface Pro at Best Buy, I was disappointed by Best Buy's staff and total bias toward the machine; they actively ignored me and helping customers with Apple products, even refusing to connect the Surface to the internet despite my pleas to get it connected to their hidden network.

Obviously none of the apps work without the Internet, it was devoid of all apps but the stock apps, it had no Fresh Paint or Autodesk or anything on it, which means I couldn't try out the pen's pressure sensitivity. Every time I asked a sales person to connect it to the hidden network they played dumb and walked off to someone else. To test my theory of bias, I walked over to the iPads and was greeted with "do you have any questions," "may I help you?" So it wasn't my attire, I was dressed well, I say this to rule out any discrimination against people who look like they aren't going to (or couldn't) buy. In fact, I came in thinking I might buy one and coming back to get it on launch day.

Anyhow, I literally waited 30 minutes waiting for them to get it together, hoping someone would acknowledge me or fix my concern, but eventually just walked out of the store. I probably won't buy a Surface Pro, because I think a Surface laptop is in the works and I think my RT will suffice for now; but that Pro tablet might as well have been in the garbage bin at an Apple Store, because there was literally no one going to help me. This isn't the first time I've seen this type of behavior from sales people, wireless providers like AT&T, Verizon's sales people would genuinely ignore me or direct me to a different phone. Does anyone else have similar experiences? It's almost like some of the salesmen have a disdain for Microsoft products, yet they rarely know what they are talking about even with the Apple machines, outside of the software. I know this is strange, but I really think Microsoft needs in-store set-ups likes Apple has, and pay the salesmen commission, I see no other way for them to get over this hurdle of bias towards them.