I Was Wrong

When I was an iPad-only user, I thought that iOS intentionally puts all settings in one place so as to give the impression that the users don't have to manage everything by themselves. I thought that was why there is no instant access to key settings on any iOS device. Until I got my iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 is such an incredible device that it deserved its own post where I praised it with fancy words. It does have surprisingly good battery life, like I said in the post, but only if I manually turn on and off LTE as and when it's necessary. Now I understand why you guys have been complaining so much about it. If I keep LTE turned on all the way, the battery drains at an unusable rate. Seriously, the battery drain is not jaw-dropping, but big enough to make me think that Apple engineers must not have considered it at least "usable". iPhone 4S didn't have LTE due to the lack of small and power-efficient LTE chip - and you are telling me this is power-efficient? I can't imagine what how people used the last generation of even less power-efficient LTE smartphones. I love LTE for its blisteringly quick speed, but not at the cost of humongous battery life! Now, I understand that everything can't be perfect. That's why Android gives you quick access to key settings so that you can easily maximise battery life. I don't know what Apple engineers or designers have in mind when iPhone 5 gets such horrible standby time with LTE turned on and still do not give instant access to settings. Many people say that cellular data page of the Settings app remains intact even when you leave, but often it's not. iOS automatically removes it from RAM. Still this problem won't make me switch me another platform altogether - it's not an extremely serious problem and I have invested heavily in Apple's ecosystem that no revolutionary feature or hardware can justify the switch.

Seriously, my fellow iPhone 5 users, I really really want to know what you guys think about this. What do you think they had in mind? I can only assume that they expected us to use our phones for a very short period of time on one charge. All at least they expected us to carry chargers everywhere because charging is very quick(I appreciate this, btw)? The thing about a smartphone is that you want instant access to information at any moment. You don't want to go into Settings and go through 2 layers and turn in on and off cellular data to search for something or see what's new in Facebook feed. Are u satisfied with or at least do you understand iOS' way of managing cellular data?