Naming contest: what should we call these Windows 8 things?

Seeing as "Hybrid Laptops" seem to be taking off as a result of Windows 8, I propose that the great minds of The Verge and the Tribe should put our heads together and think of a better name for this type of machine than "Hybrid Laptop."

As I mentioned in another of my posts, I'm not sure what to call the Surface, as it lies seemingly somewhere between a tablet and a PC. It feels weird to call it a tablet, and it feels weird to call it a PC. I think as this type of product begins to catch on, people will be in need of a new term that, at the very least, rolls off the tongue easier than "Tablet PC."

I guess I shall start us off with a couple of my own:

  • Laplet
  • Tabtop

Happy naming! The poster of the most-recommended name wins free hugs for everyone.