Switching to iOS / Mac from Android / Win8

This should be my first post here on The Verge have been reading the forums intensively over the last 2 months ... Anyway to my question. I live in Germany and bought a iPhone 4 on launch day a good 2.5 Years ago. I was happy with my purchase very happy and I kept my iPhone for 2 years during that time I also bought myself an iPad2 so I was becoming more and more a Apple guy. But I always kept a PC and could never switch to a Mac partly because of the high asking price.

In May last year I watched the Google I/O press conference and was blown away by Jelly Bean and Google Now. That also was the time when the Galaxy Nexus price got slashed down to the great price of 349 € so I went out and bought one the next day. Switching from my iPhone 4 to Nexus was quite a shock and I first had to get used to the huge screen and the missing of all the great apps I had on my iPhone mostly Tweetbot. Then came Windows 8 and again I was blown away by the radical changes and how the fast boot times and so on so again I bought that also on launch day.

But after using these products for a few months I realised I didn't have the same experience as with my 2 Apple purchases. I don't want to say I hate Win8 and my Nexus but I wasn't happy. I live by the motto of: "If you use something everyday invest some money to be happy with it and don't except second best."

So I'm deciding to switch back to iOS. I could get an iPhone 5 on contract today if I wanted to but then there are the rumours of the iPhone 5S around the corner. I know that most of them a rubbish but still something just keeps me from just going into the shop and getting it done with. There is also the problem as with I haven't used iOS on a phone the last 8 months and I always hear iOS is pale and boring and that Android is the future and so much better.

I mostly use my phone for twitter, rss feeds, surfing the web and using it as my camera. I also use my phone to listen to music a lot.. bought Music on a CD (No streaming for us here in Germany with 1GB data caps down to GPRS speeds on our unlimted data plans). I mange my Music with iTunes (which finally has gotten better on Windows), I tried other programs but they never really worked for me. I managed to get iTunes syncing done on my Nexus after months of trial and error but it never was so seamless as with my iPhone.

Then there is the part of switching my OS. I hopefully am moving out from my parents soon in the next months after I just finished my Ausbildung (Training for 3 Years to work as a full time employee the norm here in Germany) and I see that as the perfect opportunity to make the switch to Mac. But what Mac is the question I can't find an answer to. I used to use my PC to play WoW, Counterstrike so I always laughed at Mac and that was it. But nowadays I just use my PC to watch Anime, Films and Series and mange my photos and music. So I don't need a high end gaming PC any more just something quiet and easy to surf the web. I never owned a Laptop and don't see any point in owning one as my workplace doesn't allow to use your own PC and I have my iPad. So it would be either a Mac Mini or a iMac. I have built lots of PC's in the years as I didn't have money and had loads of freetime to do so. But now I'm to lazy and have money so it wouldn't be a problem to spend that much. At the moment I have a two screen setup with a 24 inch and a 32 inch LG Monitor. I would like to keep two screens or switch to three screens.

tl:dr So here is my question: Does it make sense to switch to an iPhone5 now and what media Mac solution with you advice me. I don't want to buy a Cinema Display if that helps. There is also the possibility of buying a big TV as I don't own one now but would buy one when I move out so apple tv streaming is also on my wishlist.

To everyone who suffered through my long post I hope you have some good ideas to a person willing to make the switch and thanks for reading.

PS: I can get a student discount as my sister is in university and would be so kind to help me