5 Devices to change Microsofts mobile outlook

1. 7" Windows RT tablet: Just a tablet no kickstand, not a convertible, just a thin 7" tablet2. 10" Windows RT tablet that mimics #1. No kick stand, no touch cover, thin with long battery life; Tegra 4 or Clovertrail min processor3. 11" Windows Pro ultrabook: 1080p touch screen; 256 ssd; 8gig ram min; i7 ulv processor4. 15" Windows Pro ultrabook 1080p touch screen; 512 ssd; up to 16 gig ram; quad i7 processor5. Microsoft branded windows phone; thin aluminum frame; dimensions close to the iphone; Key Note: To distinguish these devices from OEM devices, brand every device with the Microsoft logo and make all the devices from the same Vapor mag material that the Surface is made of. Also, don't make any cheap versions of any of these devices, leave that to the OEM's. Theses should all be premium high end fashionable devices!What does the Tribe think....?