Surface Pro comparatives are wrong...

I keep hearing that the surface pro is neither better at being a ultrabook or a tablet , and they are right ... But the surface pro isn't trying to better than any of them , is trying to be better than booth of them .

So far people have only compare the Surface pro against either a Mac book air or an iPad , but those comparatives are WRONG.

If you just need a ultrabook you have the MB air or one the others dozens of ultrabooks on the market, and you can compare between them , and if you need just a tablet you have the ipad or any android tablet from the hundreds available.

But the Surface pro is not competing just against one of them, it's not trying to beat the ipad or the Mb air, it's trying to beat both , the combo ultrabook+tablet (mbair+ipad) .

It's has some big compromises against each of the opponents but against the combo mbair+ipad has a lot of advantages ..