Will factory resetting my S3 fix the frame rate drop problem after 4.1.2 update?

I have had the Galaxy s3 (i9300) for more than 6 months now and have no problem what so ever. Everything has been perfect and smooth. I have not rooted it and stick to touchwiz with apex launcher. But after getting the premium suite update (4.1.2), which provides the multi window feature and some other stuff, I have been observing a drop in frame rates in some cases. Here are some of the most prominent ones I encounter:

1. When I expand the notification bar and the toggle panel scrolls.

2. When scrolling lists in some apps; like, whatsapp. Also, when scrolling Reddit is fun app.

3. There is a major drop in frame rate when I'm listening to music, using the stock music app or even Google play music app.

The funny thing is that if I play a game, I do not notice any drop in frame rates at all.

What could be wrong? Can factory resetting help?