Surprising Best Buy Experience!

Today I went to the Best Buy located at Union Square to check out the Surface Pro. Based on a fare few reports, I was not expecting much.

But to my mild surprise, I found that the Surface(s) is(are) easy to see and find. The RT and Pro are displayed on a table of their own. Both 64GB versions. The RT was connected with a Touch Cover, Pro without anything. The RT was free from the table despite being securely locked, improvement from a story I read sometime earlier. The Pro did not have the Pen with it to try out, they could not yet secure it, one was already stolen. Also the Pro's kickstand was missing a screw, apparently from another or same attempt of theft.

The lady demonstrating the Surfaces was wearing a Microsoft branded shirt, likely a Microsoft appointee. She was quite knowledgeable by my judgement. I did not feel any need to interrupt her while I was there. A saw a few people who appeared to have enough knowledge and rep answered all of their question. Surfaces consistently had the biggest audience compared to nearby tables as long I was there. From what I heard they are sold out too, but the 'may' get another delivery on Monday.

I don't have much to compare against, I am not a Best Buy person, but the situation did not feel all that bad. I could see a lot of area of improvement, specially regarding many other Windows devices there, but I saw those issues with Android devices also. Heck I even saw an iPad without any charge! I accept these as a unfortunate part of retail.