A tip to using the stylus on the Surface Pro.

Hey guys,

I've been noticing that people have been having trouble using their stylus on the surface pro, especially with regard to working near the edges and corners.

Now, I've been using the stylus on my surface pro (my second) predominantly for the past 2 weeks, as well as tested out various units at the MS store a number of times to come to my assessment, understanding, and conclusion. So, you can take it for what it's worth.

And, from what I've found is that the default calibration should work VERY well, all the way to the corners, IF you're holding the stylus vertically, that is straight up and down.

When I first got my surface, I was getting frustrated from missing the points near the corners when I needed to click on something, so I read about how people were recalibrate the digitizer and that it was helping for some and not for others. But, when I tried recalibrating - It never worked out better. And I tried a thousand different ways of recalibrating and fine tuning the corner points. That's when I really thought carefully about it, and thought about how the surface was detecting the stylus, and I realized that of course it wasn't detecting the tip. The tip is just a piece of plastic! What it was detecting was at the base of the tip, and that's when I understood that - hey, of course when I've got my stylus at like a 30 degree angle towards the corner, it's not going to read it accurately! Since then, I've changed my handling of the stylus to keep it vertical, and It's been working very predictably.

I know for some people, this might not be satisfactory. But for me, it's really confirmed my love of this thing. Especially when I'm painting or drawing in ArtRage - it's freakin awesome! And now that I even think about it, I've noticed other artists holding their Wacom stylus the same way - so maybe it's actually something many have known all along.

So, I hope that this little bit of my own discovery can lead some of you out there to better enjoy your surface and stylus because I really love mine!