XO-1.75 Part One: Ask me anything

Backstory: In about a week or so, I will be travelling to rural India. Facilitating the installation of 2 servers and a rollout of 40 XO-1.75 laptops. I have a week to get familiar with the laptop, and then another week to apply my knowledge onto the Village's best students.


via farm9.staticflickr.com

I am very interested in how the children will react to this. Being so foreign and all. Don't forget that this is no slouch.

There is the crippled Sugar UI, and then the GNOME desktop environment which is where you want to be 100% of the time. In GNOME, you get a multitude of different applications, all of which are useful.


via farm9.staticflickr.com

So, users of The Verge. What would you like to know more about this device? Anything you would like me to experiment with? Please be thorough guys:) I want to leave India knowing that the children are more than familiar with the device.