Galaxy S4 vs HTC One: Build Materials

Use of build materials has been a huge deal around here for many. And with certain events unfolding recently and future events around the corner, I thought I would see where everyones head is at.

Enter: the HTC One and Galaxy S4

HTC has always used what would be labeled 'premium' material. Molded polycarbonate, aluminum and such. These devices always feel good in the hand and reflect the price paid for them.

Samsung on the other hand has stuck to its guns and continued to use thin, flexible plastic that is sometimes textured. While the actual design has been good for how it contours to the hand, such as the S3s lack of sharp corners, its use of above plastics don't reflect the cost of the device.

Now, most of us know that polycarbonate and plastic are very much related, but the finished results are vastly different when this is applied to making smartphones.

What if though, Samsung used a molded polycarbonate body for its newest flagship???

My questions to many are these:

1. Would you choose a polycarbonate Galaxy S4 (liken to the Droid DNA or Lumia) over the HTC One?

2. Would you be okay choosing the polycarbonate S4 even knowing that the use of molded polycarbonate would mean no removable battery?

(I have no idea whether the S4 will actually have a molded body, but I can always hope.)

-I'm aware that the S3 uses polycarbonate. I'm referring to it not being cast this way as a whole. It's removable back is the flaw in this device. Again, it was intentional so that the battery could be removable. But I think you get my point...hopefully-

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