Just bought a Nexus 7 ... Now what? What do you guys use your N7's for?

I have wanted a Nexus 7 since they were announced, I wnat a nexsus 10 as well. The only problem is I don;t know what to do with it now. I have a Note II and it's honestly just about covers my every need when Im not in front of my MBP which is where I spend most of my time. I love the N7, if the USB plug was an inch bigger I would make sweet love to it but my question is this... What do I do with it? I am going to root it and play around a with.

My note II I take with me everywhere so I always have nice big screen access to everything I tried using the N7 on the couch while watching TV but I just find myself reverting back to my MBP I suppose its just because thats where I feel most comfortable. I thought about using it for dedicated reading and stuff but really am starting to feel buyers remourse for picking it up because I as much a every atom in my body wants to make sweet, sweet love to it I can't figure ouut what to do with it.