Can Google Glass display content only in the top-right corner?

When the Glass was originally unveiled, the announcement videos gave the impression that it could display content anywhere in one's vision field.

Like here

And concepts like this

assume this ability.

However, the newest video that demonstrates how the Glass is supposed to feel

only shows the Glass displaying content only in a tiny rectangle in the top right corner. The Verge impressions gave this impression too. I'm hoping that Google has not changed the Glass from its original version to make this is the only way the Glass can display content, but it seems weird to not show any full vision field content in the latest video, if it still can do that.

If it can't, that seems like a huge letdown. Lots of super cool concepts that people are proposing to realize with the Glass would go out the door, and I think it would feel plain awkward to always have to be looking at the top right corner to see any content. If I'm video chatting for a long time, for example, I think my eyes would get strained.

Do we have any definitive information on whether the Glass can display full vision field content?