Android Vs IOS | My Opinion

Android vs iOS | My Thoughts

Apple’s iOS is a stellar mobile operating system where the simplicity is key. Apple came out with the "first" smart phone and has been the leader in sales since. Now for a little backstory, I was an iPhone user starting from the original to the iPhone 4s. I have a lot of knowledge about the operating system and its limitations.

You may be asking, "What phone are you using now?" The answer to that is the Nexus 4. I started my Android experience with a Samsung Galaxy S III. I rooted the phone from day one. Samsung’s Touchwiz was not cutting it for me and the T-Mobile bloatware was unbearable. I tried a lot of different custom ROMs and Cyanogen Mod was my favorite of them all. It had a very stock feel, and included hundreds of various new settings. I later let go off the S3 and was super excited to pick up a Nexus 4. They were sold out everywhere but I was lucky enough to get my hands on one.

I ran the phone without customizations for a long time on the Nexus 4, and it really improved my Android experience. The variety of setups really intrigued me, and the customization was what I imagined. However, there was one flaw that really bugged me on the Nexus 4 and that was the battery life. I soon found myself searching for new ROMs, and I ended up back on Cyanogen Mod. The battery life is outstanding now and my phone really is a workhorse. I use it for countless hours in High School.

Apple | Clean Up On Aisle One

iOS is still a very great operating system and everyone I know is switching to iOS. Apple did a great job with the design and they have pursued the same look from as they have evolved. Some may find that a flaw, and others may enjoy the fact that they don’t have to learn new things every time there is a software update. Another reason why people choose an iPhone over any other phone is the design. Apple has, by far, the best phone design and nobody has topped them in my eyes.

With iOS released not too long a go, apps are getting piled on the appstore and they receive many updates daily. Yet I find one incident disturbing in my mind; iOS has not changed at all. From the very first iPhone, Apple has not changed their design lay-out. They have made little adjustments to put them on par with other operating systems. Apple has recently been playing a game of catch up with other manufacturers, and only adds features that have stood the test of time. Apple is not much of a risk taker and that is visible with their recent stock dives. People are getting tired of the way their lockscreen and homescreen look and they decide to make the big jump to the next top phone: The Galaxy S III. Forbes put out an article recently saying that 7 Million people have jailbroken their iPhone four days after the jailbreak was released.

OnDevice Research put out a graph showing the overall satisfaction with the iDevice and their recent versions:


Most users who have had iPhones for an amount longer then two years say that the user interface and software are getting bland.

Apple has one very distinct and super powerful weapon and that is their appstore. After switching over to an Android phone, the Apple appstore is the number one thing I miss. The quality of each app in iOS is great. Of course each app is not amazing there are simply some gems in the appstore that make iOS complete.

While a lot of Android users can argue that we have widgets, apps with a beautiful UI and ease of use are still the best way to get information.

Here are some examples of apps that I think have amazing designs:






Even Google’s own Gmail app looks better on iOS and that also includes maps and Google+. Yes, we Android users have a bit more functionality, but still I think app design is a major part of perfection.

Apple – The Future

One thing I never knew I would enjoy is the screen size on Android phone. The Nexus 4 has a 4.7" screen, which is ideal for me. I think that the 16:9 aspect ratio is great. You don’t need to deal with any letter boxing on the screen. I personally think that Google is doing great with the screen size and I really do think that a larger screen is the future.

I will be making a new phone decision this September and I really want to purchase a device that will serve me well in every category. One thing that will get me to switch back to Apple is a larger screen. I think that Apple could have a lot of success because most users are switching away because of the small screen size. All Android phones are large and that is not too great either. I really never see myself wanting a Note 2 even though I have heard it is great and the screen is easy to adapt to.

Vlad (from The Verge) also has a great point. All high-end Android smartphones feature large displays and a smaller android phone would win a lot of people out. A 4.2" screen I think would make a great Android phone and would fit people with small hands.

I think the next big winner will depend on many things. I think the major one for Apple is a larger display because that is my one and only gripe with their device. For Android it is the design of apps and the number of them. We will see in the coming months who really wants their phones to be the best!

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