My mouse just been broken. Need suggestion for replacement.

First Hello, Good Morning (for European), Good Afternoon (for Asian) and Good Evening (for American)

Second. Yes, I know that Microsoft Tribe isn't the best place to post hardware question. But I figure out that large amount of people here would fit/match the definition of "Power User" and "Computer Expert"

And now, to the post reason d' etre

Few hours ago, I was a happy user of Logitech MX518. But for some reason. It suddenly broken. The mouse laser sensor (or something, don't know the exact/correct name) won't turn on. I tried to switch the USB port. But it don't do anything. I'm currently used my old mouse (Which left click button is broken) and now I need your suggestion for a new mouse.

Currently, I'm looking at G400 (The Logitech proclaimed succesor to the MX518. But since I don't particularly know or care about mouse. More knowledgeable person on this subject will be much appreciated. I would like to note that I need a really durable mouse. For some reason, most mice that I used died after one or two year of usage.

Thank you and sorry for bad grammar.