Kickstarter ripoff actually attracts popular artists!

Alien Ant Farm is awesome. Besides their famous Michael Jackson cover, they released 3 very solid albums. I've been a fan for like 10 years now, so naturally I follow them on facebook. Recently they posted an update, saying that they will try to release a new album independently by relying on pledges made through

WHY NOT KICKSTARTER!? is the natural question, since reaching their however many thousand dollar goal on this unknown website is going to be a hard deal to seal.

I looked around pledgemusic - it's meh, but it gets the job done. One other notable band that funded their album on there is bowling for soup.

Anyway, this raises a few interesting questions.

1) Is a general fundraising platform not specific enough? Do musicians need a separate outlet?

2) Is pledgemusic doing it right, or should there be other features?

My personal opinion is that if you're going to do a kickstarter for music, it better be different enough from the original. One thing i would do is require the band to play a few live demos of the songs they want to record - show me what you got, don't just ask for money! Oculus rift showed me the prototype, you should be able to do the same!

What do you guys think?

here's :the alien ant farm page, and I persuade you to generously depart from those $10 and get the new album!