The Verge has a terrible search feature

Or is it user error? I don't know, but its definitely not working out for me. Here's a few examples:

Go to the search field on the site, and type in something like "iPad stylus reviews". Shouldn't I get the article from Ellis Hamburger with the comprehensive list of ipad stylus reviews pretty close to the top? As of right now, searching that phrase gets me literally nothing. What the hell? Again, another example would be to type in "Tesla S review". No mention at all of the review The Verge did with the tesla driving up california. Even if I type in a product, like "iPad 4th generation" I see no mention of the actual product review in the search results, and yet that actual review is titled "iPad review (4th generation, late 2012)".

Am I doing it wrong? Or is the site's search feature just really terrible? I have to go out to google first and search for what I'm looking for with "the verge" in the query title, before I can find the exact thing I was looking for. This is totally not efficient. For a site with such a vast amount of useful information, this shouldn't be how I have to recall things i've seen on the site.