If Microsoft puts the Start Button back they better...

The biggest complaint about Windows 8 is that it is to difficult for the average consumer to use. There are articles and petitions that Microsoft needs put the Start Button back into Windows and allow consumers to boot into desktop mode. I really hope they do not do that.

If Microsoft decides that Windows 8 is a failure and they should just put the Start Button Back in, Windows will never become a mobile competitor. Microsoft will have to bankrupt itself to get developers to half ass apps into Metro. Even when they do no one will buy Windows 8 tablets and there so called ecosystem will fall apart.

Metro is the beginning of a path for Microsoft and they have to continue. This path leads to one conclusion.

Microsoft does not need to improve Windows 8. They need to improve the Xbox and the ecosystem surrounding it. You see Apple captured people into its ecosystem with the iPod. They created a product that everyone owned and as they improved that product no one was looking to change and so they kept buying apple products. Everything worked well together and so people bought in.

Microsoft has it's Ipod in the Xbox. Many people own one and love them. Microsoft has not taken advantage of this. You see I bought an Iphone because I had an Ipod Touch. I knew how it would work. It makes any transition easier when you have some experience.

Microsoft needs to make the Xbox actually work like Windows 8, not just look like it. The Xbox UI needs a charms bar and an easy way to flip through apps, hopefully with some kind of touchpad remote. They need to get people used to their UI and then people will buy tablets and computers.What Microsoft is looking for is consumers to see a Windows 8 laptop and say "Ohh it is just like my Xbox". That is the goal and if they do not do it they will fail.

In conclusion Windows 8 has not failed until the net generation of Xbox comes out, I hope Microsoft realizes this. So I ask Microsoft if you do but the Start Button back you better make it go to Metro when people click it. You better stay the course because I want to see three ecosystems duke it out and actually get some god damn innovation in my life.