A few things keeping me from switching to an Android phone. Any suggestions?

I posted this on reddit/r/android, and their responses were generally "Stick with an iphone" or "get a nexus 4." I'm wondering whether you guys can offer any better insight, because I'm very interested in checking out the HTC One or the Galaxy S4. I'm sure the Nexus 4 is great, but it doesn't have LTE, and I live in NYC. I need at least 32GB of internal storage (or MicroSD) and LTE.

A while ago, after lots of iPhones, I bought an HTC One X. I thought it was great. But on ATT, it was limited to 16GB (9.3GB actual), no OS updates (until what, yesterday?), and no group text messaging from iPhones. So I returned it. went back to the iPhone.

I didn't want to. I'm not an Apple fanboy - i'm a tech fan - but for a phone I have a low threshold of frustration. I actually liked Sense 4. I had almost no complaints about the OS itself, and the hardware was beautiful. I don't even care much about apps - so long as I have a gReader (or, on iOS, Byline), a good browser/SMS/email experience, I'm happy.

The new HTC One looks great, and I'm sure the GS4 will be great too. The issues I list below are the things keeping me from switching to an android phone full-time. I wonder if recent changes have improved any of these:

(1) Warranty Support. When you buy an Apple product, and you have a problem within the warranty period, they are very liberal about replacements, immediately, in-store. When I had problems with my One X, i had to go beg an ATT store (ugh), who wanted me to send my phone to HTC. Like or Hate apple, they have customer support down. (note, it used to be even better, but they're cutting back in recent years).

(2) Updates. I don't have any interest in rooting my phone. my tablet or my non-work PC, I have no problem experimenting. But my phone stays stock. With iOS devices, new OS means you get the update so long as your phone is less than ~3 years old. Same day. This was very much not the case with the One X, and I know it's ATT's fault. But my iPhone is on ATT as well.

(3) Carrier-imposed Limitations. Updates were one thing, but hardware limitations are another. The only One X on AT&T was the 16GB, which had 9.3GB of actual space. There was an international version that had 32GB, but that was not available to me, again because of AT&T. The iPhone, however, is available in 16/32/64GB variants...on AT&T.

(4) iTunes Match. Many of you don't like iTunes. Neither do I, but that's really irrelevant. iTunes Match is great - $25/year and my entire music library is matched (read: upgraded) and available on all iOS devices and computers I control. Google Play Music kinda-sorta did this, but the app was horrible and i could not control playlist order.

(5) Group SMS from iOS Devices. No amount of personal love for Android will change the fact that almost everyone I know (including my family) use iPhones...so they use iMessage (which, btw, is great on a Mac, but not mission critical), and they use group text messaging. On the One X, the stock SMS app would split up group SMS from iPhones, essentially making it impossible for me to participate. That's hard to swallow.

Are there solutions to these issues? Have things changed in recent months?