Suggestion: Categorise Features

One of my favourite things about The Verge are the in-depth feature articles. However, looking for past features consists of going through the features page, page by page, until you find the right one. I used to search first, but honestly, search sucks balls. I would love to see either an improvement in search, or some kind of categorisation. It wouldn't need to be highly sophisticated, just some broad categories like 'Music' or 'Financial'. The other thing I would like to see is some kind of distinction between longer and more complex features and stuff like 'What's in your bag (insert name)?" To make matters worse, these 'series' are all mixed in among the one off stuff, and not grouped together. I know that in the past, The Verge has posted storystream 'collection' type posts that have brought all of that together, but as soon it disappears off the front page, they're pretty much useless.

Don't get me wrong, I love the The Verge and just about 100% of the stuff it puts out. I just think that categorisation and discovery could be much, much better. Anyways, that's just my opinion. Is it just me, or have other people had similar problems?