Paul Miller: What's next?

On April 30, 2012, Paul Miler announced his decision to go offline for a year. I'm not gonna babble about the host of different effects of those, I'd suggest you check all of them out chronologically (on that note, how about being able to add the entire timeline for features to Pocket with one click?).

But come May 1, 2013, he will be back online.

I don't know about you guys, but I've always had a spot for such experiments that do the stuff you speak about as hypothetical situations, but never have the guts/ time to get around to doing. I honestly, really appreciate the fall Paul took for the rest of us.

So, what's next for Paul? I'm getting the feeling that he doesn't wanna be the resident lab rat, so maybe someone else can take that mantle off of him.

There is plenty of potential for such experiments. You can have someone live and work only on tablets. Or maybe force a Windows/ OS X/ Linux devotee to commit to another platform for a year. Or worse, you could (God, I pray thee, pardon me for the blasphemy) take away the precious, their MacBook Airs.

[I'd love it if someone has a photo of one of the writers holding an Air in a Gollum-esque style to insert here]

Or live paper-free. Or without LTE. The possibilities are endless.

Any ideas/ hopes on what experiment you'd like to see take of this year? And who'd be your lab rat?