Nokia Lumia 920

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Reviewed by luqman.khalifa (Previously owned)

I absolutely adore so many aspects of this phone. but its biggest and possibly only downfall is windows phone 8. an operating system that lacks a lot, and if you want to change that tough luck, there is hardly a Dev community behind this phone, in fact nearly none at all. windows phone is different, and can do most things, but for the most part of it, it feels different for the sake of being different and not for any added benefit. and the screen is the best of the pre-1080p screens, but with windows phone 8 being so flat and non graphical most of the time that screen resolution makes no difference. Ive been a loyal Nokia fan for the better part of 16 years but now after having owned the lumia 920 there is nothing for me at Nokia. the Nokia n9 was the best they ever did and they abandoned it. i feel if the lumia 920 ran android it would be a stellar device but alas, Nokia has made its allegiance with Microsoft.

Let me put it simply for you. if you love windows phone, there is no way you will dislike this phone in any manner. in fact it is the best windows phone, full stop. but if you not a fan of windows phone, or your expecting it to do everything your ios/android device does, then prepare to be disappointed. that gorgeous design top notch camera, and impressive battery life comes at a cost, that im just not willing to pay.

I know in the future i will try windows phone again since im just a sucker for Nokia build quality/design and photo-video quality. But for now windows phone just isn't there, so ill pass.

The Breakdown

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  • Design 8
  • Display 9
  • Camera(s) 8
  • Reception / call quality 8
  • Performance 7
  • Software 4
  • Battery life 7
  • Ecosystem 3
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