Way for Apple to support Jailbreak

Today, it hit me: a way for Apple to quell the unrest stemming from a closed operating system in a time when open operating systems (hell, I'll just name it) like Android are quickly catching up in terms of quality and performance. The answer is simple. What is it, you ask?

Two versions of iOS.

Hear me out: two versions of iOS, developed concurrently. The User version of iOS 6.1.2 (or whatever) that is closed, requires signed code, etc, basically stock iOS, and then the Developer version of iOS 6.1.2 that has some sort of Apple-sanctioned MobileSubstrate. This version is entirely separate from the User version and cannot be accessed through the User version interface; rather, to install a Developer version of iOS, you must Control+Shift+Click (or what have you) the Restore or Upgrade button in iTunes, which will then download the most recent Developer version for your device. This way, the tech-illiterate grandmothers and such out there don't accidentally stumble upon it and wreck their phones, but it's still easily and readily accessible to those who know about it.