Buy Metal Gear Rising.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a game where you play as a cyborg ninja. You are the bodyguard of an African Prime Minister who is kidnapped by rogue cyborgs. While chasing them down, you battle against a huge-ass robot (Metal Gear Ray) that fires rockets and has a giant plasma laser cannon armed with nothing but your blade. You pick up this ten-story mechanical monster with your bare god damn hands and throw it in the air, and then jump after it to slice off one of its arms, but it's not done. You fight it again and leap towards it by jumping on the rockets it's firing at you to slice off its other arm, but then it bites down on you and hurls you into a building. You then proceed to run down the building while dodging the missiles it fires at you, leap on top of it, and slice the whole beast clean in half. All while amazing electronic metal music plays.

This is just the first ten minutes of the game. Buy Metal Gear Rising.