Couldn't Sony Sell Emulators Separately?

People were pretty miffed at the price of the PS3 at launch. Kaz's explanation was that the higher cost was because it can do more out of the box compared with the cheaper XBOX360. That was true, though Sony clearly still needed to reduce price to boost sales.

One of the ways they did this was by taking away the emotion engine emulator. If it's just software, why I can't just buy back the emotion engine emulator as an app from the PSN store? That way it's there for the people that want it and it's not added to the initial price tag for those that don't want it.

If I had a PS4. I would pay $50 for an app that lets me play my old PS1 discs. That totally maximizes my time use with the PS4 as new titles come out. Plus that's $50 less overhead they needed to pack into the console initially.

Maybe there are software limitations that I'm missing here. Though there's so much uncertainty with Sony that the "Sony would never do that" argument is harder to predict nowadays.