Hide stock apps, show numeric signal strength and more... (No Jailbreak required)

From 9to5mac:


A new free app discovered in the App Store over the weekend can be used to manipulate some of the built-in features of iOS without the need to jailbreak your device. Don’t be fooled by the App Store screenshot. The aptly-named HiddenApps allows you to hide any of the built-in iOS apps that you may not have any desire to keep around, such as Stocks, Weather, Passbook and Newsstand.

The app also allows you to do a few other things, such as access the hidden Field Test app, which can be used in conjunction with a force-quit bug to display your cellular strength numerically, rather than as a set of bars. A button to disable iAds entirely can also be found on the app’s main menu. This button does exactly what it says: all iAds in every app will be removed completely.

Get it here: